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Photo editing techniques to avoid mistakes

5 mistakes that make retouched skin look artificial5 mistakes that make retouched skin look artificial I mages are very crucial in human life and also for any business. Pictures hold memories with them and remind us of bygone beatific days. When it comes to business, they are used widely to showcase and promote products and services. With the increased popularity of internet for doing business and marketing, pictures have now become even more important.  However, the agony is that images as snapped are never perfect; to make it usable, you have to edit and refine it. Let us have a glance on some of the most common image editing mistakes and effective Photoshop photo retouching tips.

Retouching human subjects

Most of the tutorials suggest you one click to blur technique but it’s in fact damaging. The skin seems plastic-like and unoriginal losing all its real properties. Total elimination of wrinkles from the face of an old man obviously makes the photo unreal. So, stay away from doing so.

Birthmark removal

Some people may have certain birthmarks innate to them; it’s a part of their identity and uniqueness. Moles and freckles etc. are the examples for it. Unless a client has asked for it, don’t remove such marks. The right thing to do in case if the marks are too distracting is to soften such marks subtly while retaining the basic properties. 

Adherence to tutorials

Tutorials are always a great help but over-reliance on it is a wrong practice. As suggested by most of the tutorials, if you use Magic Wand or Gaussian Blur, the image generated would be a mechanized one. Having a scrutiny on the photo editing techniques used by established digital artists will guide you properly.

Colour saturation

If you want to make your snap look terrible, boost it overly with colours. Avoiding this is imperative and for that just look away from the screen for a while and then look back. Repeat this periodically to correctly change the portions that are overly boosted. 

Clipped acmes

Don’t forget the details owing to the strain imposed by brightening. This can be highly problematic. To avoid such a mishap, stay away from overly brightening the picture until it converts to an unvarying corpus of scorched out white.

Shadow angle

Incorrect angles for shadows can make the picture seem fake and for avoiding this, putting down the shadow in a horizontal manner is ideal, regardless of the change in image angles.

Monochrome Toning

Use colours adequately. Avoid heavy colours when slight tint can serve the purpose and at the same time if full-on colours are inevitable, go for it.

If you take care of the above mentioned photo retouching tips and techniques, you can definitely assure perfection to the image retouching works.

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